Website updates for 2018

We have made some changes to the website for 2018.  Here is a summary of the changes


  • A dropdown button is available. It takes you to previous year’s results.
  • The Playoff and Championship tabs have been cleaned up. They also now will show previous years matches.
  • When you click on an event, the event details will appear. We now have a print button so you can print the details.


  • This is a new tab that lists all the member club senior tournaments as well as GAO events.


  • A new tab has been created. “SRC Club Info” . This tab has SRC specific information for each club.
    • Clubs In Range: Lists all clubs within 2 hrs. drive time. Also shown is the last Played for the particular club.
    • Players: Listing of SRC Players.
    • Results: a list of the clubs Divisional Results for previous years.

Captains Area

  • Captains can now delete Players from their Team Roster.
  • Captains can now add a note to their event which will show up on the Event Roster email. The game format will also appear on the Event Roster email.
  • Captains can now edit their Event Roster. Edits are not allowed once all 4 rosters have been submitted
  • Added logic so that a Captain can not add a Player to an Event Roster if he is not 55 yrs old.
  • The Manual has been updated and hard copies are available in the Captains Download area