Newsletter # 27 - Cancellation of the 2020 Senior Ryder Cup season


Following a review of recently completed SRC Captain’s surveys, an analysis of the current emergency measures in place in Ontario, and extensive discussion amongst SRC Directors, it has been determined that there are too many impediments in place for the Senior Ryder Cup competition to take place in 2020. Accordingly, on June 4th, the Senior Ryder Cup Board of Directors voted to cancel the 2020 season.

The Senior Ryder Cup, over the past twenty years, has proven to be a first rate organization with a focus on competitive match play as well as promotion of camaraderie and professionalism in golf activities. Similar to other golf and sporting organizations, which have cancelled their 2020 seasons, the Board felt if the competition could not achieve the goals of the SRC, as had been committed to all participants, it would not be conducted. The culture of the Senior Ryder Cup is one of a professional and exemplary organization and the Board is committed to maintaining that culture.

The survey results showed:

  • many clubs are unable to host matches and are not allowing any guests;
  • a number of clubs are unable to field teams;
  • other clubs are struggling to form teams;
  • the requirement for one person per golf cart is an impediment for some clubs who could host a match;
  • pin conditions could be problematic;
  • bunker conditions are an issue;
  • there would be limited or no F&B;
  • players have to drive to matches in separate vehicles;
  • the fact that players must leave the course immediately following match completion detracts from any camaraderie;
  • no gatherings beyond five people;
  • concerns that Senior Ryder players are more susceptible to the COVID 19 virus.

These concerns, and the uncertainty as to what lies ahead in respect to Government mandates, are all considerations taken into account.

Possible ‘play in’ scenarios were extensively reviewed by an SRC ad hoc committee, as a step to the Championship, but all models considered were simply not feasible and manageable to allow for all member clubs the opportunity to participate, or for the SRC to meet its mandate to participants.

2020 would have seen a record 152 member clubs participating in the competition so the decision, by your Board, has not been taken lightly. For this season new programming had been implemented that allowed Captain input for their priorities in composition of divisions for 2020.

As a next step the Board has already commenced activities for 2021 to make the Senior Ryder Cup bigger and stronger than ever before. Our sponsors remain supportive of the Senior Ryder Cup and we trust all Senior Ryder Cup players will continue their support for our organization.

All SRC Captains are thanked for their efforts and commitment to the Senior Ryder Cup. Each Captain will be apprised of all SRC Board activities focused on the 2021 season which, it is hoped, will see a return to normalcy – stay tuned for an update in July. Updates will also be posted on the Senior Ryder Cup website.

Please stay safe, and healthy, through these challenging times.