Newsletter # 25 - Senior Ryder Cup - 2019 Golf Ontario Order of Merit Rankings

Senior Ryder Cup members dominate

2019 Golf Ontario Order of Merit Rankings


The 2019 golf season has concluded for Golf Ontario and Golf Canada events.

Seven of the top ten 2019 Golf Ontario Order of Merit ranked senior golfers were Senior Ryder Cup team members who held down the first six rankings and the ninth ranking.

Congratulations to each of these players for their successes in 2019.

The rankings are as follows:

  1. Ashley Chinner - Coppinwood Golf Club
  2. Joe Miszk – Lookout Point Country Club
  3. David Greenaway – Barrie Country Club
  4. Robert Gibson – Cedar Brae Country Club
  5. Lars Melander – Oakville Golf Club
  6. Mark Brewer – Whitevale Golf Club
  7. Brian Humphrys – Devil’s Pulpit

Detailed results, including all season highlights, can be viewed by clicking on the URL, below, or by copying the URL into your browser's address bar: