Newsletter # 10 - Senior Ryder Cup 2019 Expansion

Newsletter # 10 - Senior Ryder Cup 2019 Expansion


In case you have not heard the news about our growth for 2019, and the 2019 playoff locales, below is a copy of a recent press release providing the details. Recent newsletters, and press releases, are on the home page of the Senior Ryder Cup website

Welcome to our newest member clubs!



Wally Berseth, President of the Senior Ryder Cup ( Canada’s largest senior men’s team golf competition, announced at the Senior Ryder Cup AGM that the SRC Board have approved the addition of thirteen new member clubs bringing to 120 the number of clubs who will compete for the Art Stead SRC championship trophy in 2019. The new clubs include: Coppinwood, King's Forest, Maple Downs, King's Riding, Oak Bay, Trillium Wood, Royal Ashburn, Oliver's Nest, Fox Glen, Blue Mountain, Heritage Hills, North Granite Ridge and The Club at Bond Head.

Berseth added ‘this is the next stage of our controlled expansion of the SRC competition which will see the number or participating clubs capped at 128, within the existing four regions, for the 2020 season’.

SRC Vice President, and Playoff and Championship Chairman, Gene Gordon announced the 2019 four regional playoff venues of Dundas Valley, the Briars, Maple City and Tangle Creek and the Championship venue at Devil’s Pulpit on September 5th, 2019.

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