Newsletter # 81 - Sponsor Appreciation


Gentlemen, our 2023 season has started and is going well. Hopefully you will find that it is a good year for you and your club. I want to point out that less than half of the monies we need to run the Senior Ryder Cup comes from our $15 per game dues. That is why we have sponsors. Many sponsors are available to us but only a few are able to provide cash. The rest provide products that we use to enhance our Playoffs and our Championships. Without these sponsors we could not run the Senior Ryder Cup at the standards that we are used to.

Sponsors expect a reasonable level of return for their products or monies and that is where you come in. Support them when you can, refer them to family and friends, try their products and ask your club pro shop and restaurant to carry their products. If you do that we will continue to be successful.  Without the people we list below the Senior Ryder Cup would not exist. Should you have a contact or know of a company that might like to discuss sponsorship please contact us at the Senior Ryder Cup.

Thank you to all of our sponsors!


Lorne Steinberg Wealth Management           

Liam Card ( provides wealth management advice to our members and any club management that would like an opinion. Feel free to contact him and mention you are a Senior Ryder Cup member. Liam plays out of Scarborough Golf and Country Club and is a huge supporter of the Senior Ryder Cup.

Callaway Golf                   

We don’t need to tell you about Callaway. They are probably the fastest growing golf brand and their new Paradym clubs are receiving rave reviews. One should also look closely at their golf balls. The Chrome Soft and variants are really, really good balls. Finally one of their most underrated products is their golf gloves. Good value. We cannot over emphasize how important Callaway is to us, and your support of Callaway is very important.

Good Things Promotions 

This company is your one stop shop for any promotional merchandise and apparel needs. They will provide you best value and a team based approach to help you meet your budget and find unique items for your event, company or tournaments. If you need something, just ask. I encourage you to go on line ( to see what they are all about and/or contact Nick Bogias at 416-574-3337

Walter Caesar  

A Canadian made Caesar drink that is much better than the market leader makes. Try it! We highly recommend it. Hopefully your club will consider adding this to your bar, feel free to have them contact Joshua Linde ( and he will set them up. If you ask he might even send you a sample or two. I also hear they have a very good non-alcoholic Caesar! This really is a must for your club’s bar and your fridge at home!


Again there is no need to tell you about this company, they are very well known and respected. Their Clear 2.0 is a market leader and should be in your lineup of products at your club. They also have some other very good beers, my favourite is Honey Brown and of course their cream ale! Try them. Suggest your club contacts Brad Gamble at and he will send the local salesman to see them. Well worth making contact! The heat of the summer is coming and 2.0 is the best thirst quencher.


Tilley is an iconic Canadian brand. There are none better! Whether you are golfing or vacationing on a Greek Island your Tilley should be with you. At your golf club ask your pro to contact Kassia Orawiec at and she will get your club set up. If you do not have one, buy one! You will not be disappointed! They are the best!

Lexus of London              

Chris Pinelli at Lexus of London has been a long time and excellent supporter of the Senior Ryder Cup. He is capable of selling or leasing you a car regardless of where you live. Give him a try! A Lexus is a great vehicle, I know, I bought one from Chris. Contact him at

Visit Tucson       

Planning any trips? Why not try the Tucson area? Lots to do and lots to see and some great golf! Get any information you need from Lee McLaughlin at This is also a great place to winter! If you are a snowbird or want to be, drop Lee a line and discuss.


This company is the leading accounting firm in Canada and they are getting into golf in a big way. May we suggest you make contact with your local BDO office for a conversation on how they can help you! Look them up at for a complete list of locations.

 Charton Hobbs

Seagrams VO and Fireball Whiskey are the two brands that Charton Hobbs has asked the Senior Ryder Cup to offer to our players and our clubs. Of course Seagrams VO needs no introduction and Fireball is one of the favoured brands out there at this time. They are very willing to work with our clubs and I suggest you make contact with Sean Carroll I am quite certain he will get a local rep to you quickly and if you ask for some samples I am sure they will appear as well! Nothing like a VO and ginger, ask for one the next time!

Chilly Moose       

 Chilly Moose  We love supporting Canadian companies and Chilly Moose is another good example. Their insulated beverage containers are some of the best and they offer engraving services for either club names or tournament uses. Look them up on line to see what they have and choose your Chilly. Have your club contact Kristi Greco at She is the President of Chilly Moose so you know they are in good hands!

Maui Jim


Maui Jim’s high-quality product is rivaled only by their outstanding level of customer service. Contact Luciano Caolo at and he will get the product into your pro shop on guaranteed sale and then you can select the pair that is just right for you!

Skechers Golf Shoes

Skechers needs no introduction. They make some of the finest leisure footwear in the business. They have been producing to the same standards for their golf shoes. Comfortable to wear and stylish, they are an excellent choice. Perhaps your club could contact Nick Resch at and he will look after their needs! If you want to walk on air, buy a pair!

Reif Estate Winery    

We are very proud and excited to be associated with one of Niagara’s oldest and most premier brands. Reif Estate produces many of the best wines made in Canada, they have won lots of awards and their focus is on quality and service! You can order from their regular lineup or you can have a private label created for your granddaughter’s wedding! Contact Bruno Reis at or Stephan Neuhof at and they will get you set up. Watch for the Senior Ryder Cup Wine promotion coming soon!

 Hides Canada                        

Leather bags, belts, gloves, wallets and more are available on line from this quality vendor. Hides Canada is one of the most successful leather suppliers on the internet and is a family owned Canadian business. When you choose Hides, you’re investing in a piece of art that not only complements your style but also becomes a trusted companion on your journey.


As was mentioned for some other sponsors, we love to support Canadian companies. TruLOCAL was a Dragon’s Den winner with the concept of online selling of meat products. Having tried many or most of their products I can attest to the quality. Their bison burgers are the best! We suggest you try them out and use the SRC10 product code as some of their products have been discounted to us!

Imperial Headwear        

Offering the best fit for your lifestyle, Imperial has been coined the #1 golf headwear brand for the past four years and counting. We are pleased they have come on board to give our member clubs this option. Arguably the most iconic hat in their portfolio is the Wrightson Rope Hat. Please contact Wendy Shackleton at or Jaime Bryant at for more info.

Rockway Vineyards                               

Rockway Vineyards is a beautiful golf and wine destination in Niagara. They make excellent wines and have a very good golf course. Contact Jordon Foley at whether it is for golf or wine or preferably, both!

Gananoque Chevrolet

Looking for a new Chevrolet? Cadillac? Look no further. Contact Jamie Hall at Regardless of where you are from, make contact and Jamie will get it done for you.


Beautifully patterned socks in a variety of themes. These are available at most department stores and pro shops. Give yourself a hot sock!

 Genesis Niagara

This is luxury elevated. They offer convenient at-home product demonstrations with an easy-to-use online ordering platform and all-inclusive pricing. 5 year/100,000 km complimentary scheduled maintenance. Valet service to and from your home or place of business. Contact Brian Bogusat at to purchase your next vehicle.

Genesis Brampton

Like its sister company in Niagara, Brampton is home to one of the most luxurious car brands in Canada. The Brampton facility is now the sponsor for the Hole in one for a car at the Central Region playoff and both days of our Championship. It doesn’t get much better than that. Email and ask to test drive this driving machine!

Winding Road Maple

In the heart of Mennonite country there is one of the best maple syrup producers in Canada. It is a family owned and run business! Named Winding Road Maple it is a multiple award winner. Visit their on line store and buy with confidence or drive down that winding road to their on the farm store. Lots of goodies to be found inside!

Gorilla Gold

This grip enhancer has been described as the best value in golf. We all know when we need a little extra grip, this is it. Also used in many other sports and available on line or at better golf pro shops and sporting goods outlets.

Festing Toyota

Was it a Toyota you were interested in? This Huntsville dealership will look after you again no matter where you are from. Contact Paul Fauteux at


The ultimate thirst trap, this maple infused drink will keep your thirst quenched. Sapsucker is sparkling water, naturally sweetened with organic Canadian maple sap. The subtle bubble and slightest hint of sweetness make it delicious, easy to drink and irresistibly refreshing. It’s time to tap into sap. An Ontario company with its product available at most grocery stores or on line, why not give them a try?

There is no pizza like Pizzaville. A great Canadian pizza company!

Excellent on line presence for male shaving accessories, our go to location, and it should be yours too.

Jack Astors 

One of the major success stories in Canadian restaurants. Jack Astor’s has been the place to go for a very long time. Dine in one to see why! The Senior Ryder Cup choice when you want a fun dining experience.


Pizza but a whole lot more. Try them!

 I can assure you there are more sponsors to come. Help us out as we could use an auto and home insurance company, a gas station, a real estate company, a travel company, an upper end restaurant chain, a car rental company, and various golf and consumer products.