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Senior Ryder Cup Championship 2023

Senior Ryder Cup 2023 Championship

Brampton Golf Club

The century old Brampton Golf Club was the site of the 24th annual Senior Ryder Cup Championship on September 18th and 19th. The course, originally designed by George Cumming, modified by Stanley Thompson, then redesigned by Robbie Robinson, has hosted many significant championships in its past. This year it is the site of an event that may not feature past champions such as Nick Weslock, Moe Norman, Dave Barr or Brooke Henderson but it provided a setting for many of Ontario’s top senior male golfers.

The sixteen team competition brings together teams that have been successful in their divisions and in five regional playoffs. It features teams from Amherstburg to Ottawa and from Sudbury to Grand Island, New York. Only five of these teams were involved in last year’s Championship at Lookout Point: Whitevale, Glencairn, Saugeen and Pointe West Golf Clubs and Barrie Country Club. Whitevale and Saugeen have been present in the last five championships. Both Idylwylde and Kawartha are returning after a year’s absence as is Deer Ridge. The Pulpit Club competed for three consecutive years from 2017 to 2019, winning in 2018.  Brampton competed in 2018 and 2019 after having won in 2009. St. Catharines Golf and Country Club has returned for the first time since winning the Championship in 2016. The remaining four clubs, Craigowan, Greyhawk, Mill Run and Rockway Vineyards experienced their first Championship competition.

Both days of competition were played under clear skies, cool temperatures and sometimes gusty winds. Many team scores varied dramatically from day 1 to day 2 with increases or decreases higher than 10 points experienced by 4 teams. In the end, Pointe West Golf Club, from Amherstburg, prevailed by one point over Glencairn Golf Club and the host club, Brampton. Pointe West led after the first day with 20 points and finished with 33. Glencairn, on the other hand, posted only 11 points the first day but overwhelmed their opponents the second day with 21 out of a possible 24 points for a total of 32. Brampton played steadily, scoring 15 and 17 points to tie Glencairn.  Strong showings by Saugeen Golf Club, The Pulpit Club and Kawartha Golf Club put them in positions four, five and six, with one point separating each club.

            Complete results can be found on our website (https://seniorrydercup.com/) but it should be noted that matches were very competitive despite point differences. A long putt holed or a short putt missed can mean the difference between success and missed points.



Pointe West Golf Club

2023 Senior Ryder Cup Champion and Winner of the Art Stead Trophy

The SRC Champs from the left: Scott Scantlebury, Bill Stiles (Captain), John Zdonek, Barry Skov, Mike Boston, Jeff Valade, Jim Johnson and John Saffran. They are also recipients of Callaway Golf bags embroidered with the Senior Ryder Cup logo and donated by Callaway Golf.

The SRC Championship features several additional challenges apart from the team competition and all occur because of our numerous sponsors. One of our major sponsors, Lorne Steinberg Wealth Management, introduced a putting contest this year. Andre Gilbert from Brampton Golf Club was the winner after a playoff.

Andre Gilbert receiving his $500.00 gift certificate from Liam Card, Steinberg Wealth Management Vice President of Sales, for winning the putting contest.

As is their tradition, Lorne Steinberg Wealth Management also held a lucky draw for a dinner for eight and a Scotch tasting. The Pulpit Club was this year’s winner which means the dinner will be held either at The Pulpit or Scarboro Golf and Country Club. Special thanks to Liam Card for his generosity.

Genesis Brampton provided an opportunity for one of the golfers to win a two year lease of a Genesis automobile. All that was necessary to win was to score a “hole-in-one” on a 200+ yard, well bunkered hole, into the wind. Drivers were being used in some situation. As difficult as that may sound, the car was almost won on Day 2. Steve Dunn from Deer Ridge Club won “closest to the hole” on Day 1 and Derek Spence from Rockway Vineyards Golf Club came within 19” on Day 2. Both Steve and Derek won golf bags for their excellence from Genesis Brampton.


Marty Middlestadt, SRC Executive Member, congratulates Steve Dunn (left) and Derek Spence (right) for their accuracy on the 209 yard 16th Hole.

“Hole-in-One” opportunities don’t always produce “holes-in-one” but “closest to the pin” contests occasionally do. For the second year in a row, we had a “hole-in-one” success story. Steve Wood, from Mill Run Golf Club, playing his second hole on Day 1, had an ace on the 150 yard par 3. Steve received a customized Muskoka chair from My Custom Sports Chair. As a special bonus he also received a leather carrying bag from Hides Canada.

Umair Raja from Hides Canada presents his leather bag to Steve Wood.

Good things Promotions sponsored “closest to the pin” contests on the 13th hole both days of the Championship. On Day 1, Jeff Watson from Brampton Golf Club won a decanter beverage set for his accurate tee shot and on Day 2, Gary Henderson from Barrie Country Club was within 1’11” and was rewarded with a Zoom Rangefinder.


Nick Bogias, VP of Sales for Good Things Promotions presents the decanter set to Jeff Watson (left) and Marty Middlestadt, SRC Director, presents the Zoom Rangefinder to Gary Henderson (right).

Reif Estate Winery not only provided the wine for our banquet on Day 1, but also gave a case of their wine to the “closest to the pin” winner on the 7th hole on Day 1. The winner was Mel Butler from Rockway Vineyards Golf Club, a Niagara Peninsula neighbour to Reif Estate Winery.

One of our newest sponsors, Golf Away Tours and owner TJ Rule, provided an assortment of golf items for the “closest to the pin” winner on Hole 11 on Day 1. The winner was Steve Fredericks from Kawartha Golf Club


Marty Middlestadt presents Mel Butler (left) with his case of Reif Estate Wine and Steve Fredericks with his golf supplies

Bill Stiles, Captain of our 2023 Champs, Pointe West, came within 10 inches of repeating Steve Wood’s feat of acing the 3rd Hole on Day 2. He had to settle for a “Closest to the Pin” prize donated by Charton Hobbs.  Charton Hobbs, a major wine and spirit distributor and another new sponsor of the SRC, provided a bottle of Seagrams VO and a bottle of Fireball Whiskey to Bill. All golfers had more trouble with the trickier green on the par 3, 7th Hole but Guy Robineau from Idylwylde was able to claim the “Closest to the Pin” prize. Liam Card and Lorne Steinberg Wealth Management donated a Johnny Walker Scotch gift basket to Guy. Rick Kelly from Craigowan Golf Club won an all purpose bag donated by Callaway Golf for his “Closest to the Pin” shot on the 11th Hole on Day 2. All our “Closest to the Pin” winners are to be congratulated for their skill in beating out some of the best senior golfers in Ontario.

 Bill Stiles receives his prize from Marty Middlestadt

 Guy Robineau is congratulated by Liam Card

Craigowan Golf Club’s Rick Kelly receives his Callaway bag

Special Awards

The Senior Ryder Cup organization each year recognizes those who have served senior golfers over the years. This year Jim Aziz was recognized for his significant contribution to the SRC Board of Directors where he served as the Communication and Sponsorship Chairman. Thank you, Jim

Jim (left) receives is award from Tom Nederpel, SRC President


While supporting the growth of golf for seniors in Ontario, the SRC also believes in the need to build the game at all levels. With this in mind, we have once again donated $2000.00 to the First Tee initiative through the Golf Association of Ontario.


A Special Thanks to Our Many Sponsors and Brampton Golf Club, Our Host

We would like to acknowledge the significant contribution made by our sponsors throughout the playoffs and at this championship. The financial support of Visit Tucson, Lorne Steinberg Wealth Management, Chilly Moose, BDO, Golf Away Tours and Lexus of London and in-kind contributions from many sponsors have added to the excitement and enjoyment experienced by the players in all our events. Genesis Brampton provided a prize and an opportunity to win a car both days. Both Lorne Steinberg Wealth Management and Good Things Promotions gave prizes both championship days. The Senior Ryder Cup and its’ members have benefitted from Callaway Golf’s support for a number of years. This year they once again provided golf bags for each of the members of the winning Pointe West team while also donating a Callaway putter, a sleeve of their special Chrome Soft golf balls for all, carry bags and many other items. Other generous sponsors providing ‘Closest to the Pin’ prizes include My Custom Sports Chair, Reif Estate Winery, Golf Away Tours, Chilly Moose, Callaway and Charton Hobbs. We would also like to thank Sleemans, Tilley Canada, Walter Caesar, Hides Canada, Winding Road Maple, Jancor Sales, Visit Tucson, Renfro Hosiery, Imperial Headwear and G&G Sales, Pizzaville, Maui Jim, TruLOCAL, BDO, Sketchers Golf, Henri et Victoria, Jack Black Grooming Products, Panago, Jack Astor’s, Gorilla Gold, Sapsucker and Glengarry Cheese for their generosity.

We would like to make special mention of the staff at Brampton Golf Club for insuring golfers played in excellent conditions and were treated professionally. The Senior Ryder Cup salutes Boris Uvakov, General Manager, Martin Kopp, Course Superintendent, Mike Long, Head Professional, Mark Stone, Executive Chef and Panth Amin, Director of Food and Beverage.

The Joy of Success

A Champaign Celebration by the victors, Pointe West Golf Club




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