Game Formats: All games are a doubles match play format (Betterball, Scramble, Chapman, Shamble)

Matches: Each match consists of a two-man pairing from one club against an opposing club's two-man pairing.

Event: Each club in a Division hosts one event consisting of 8 matches played between the 4 clubs within the division.

Division: A grouping of 4 clubs

Region: A geographic area consisting of a grouping of Divisions. Each region hosts one playoff.

Who Can Play? »
Men who were listed on your club's membership list who are 55+ years as of the date of the match. Teams consist of 4 pairings. 3 pairings are Senior (55+) and one pairing is SuperSenior (65+)
What is the cost? »
$65 per player per event. The host club receives $50 to cover Carts and Food Arrangements.
The SRC receives $15 to cover admin and Championship costs.
If the 4 Teams in a Division wish to include a Skins Game, the cost per player would increase by $5.
What is the format? »
Four teams of two players will play a doubles match play format against an opposing team. A team consists of eight (8) players. Game Formats: two man Better Ball, two man Scramble, two man Chapman, two man Shamble.
How will the players be paired? »
Captains decide how to pair their players against the opposing teams. Captains do NOT have visibility to the opposing clubs pairing.
Can we form our own Divisions? »
No. The SRC will create the Divisions (groups of 4 clubs) each year. When creating divisions we strive to provide variety (different clubs each year), minimize travel (under 2 hours) and competition (similarly ranked clubs).
Can our club join the Senior Ryder club? »
If your club is interested in participating in the Senior Ryder Cup contact one of the board of directors. We will send out a enrollment package which outlines what is required.
How many players can be on my team? »
Your team size is 8 players (6 seniors who are age 55+ and two Super Seniors who are 65+). There is no limit on alternates.
How often do players have to play? »
Players can be used at any time during the season. Players who played during the regular season should be given first opportunity to play in the playoffs and Championship. Only when you can't field a team from players who played in the regular season should you include other club members as alternates.
When do the events start? »
Events may start late May and continue through to July 31st (playoffs and Championship are in August-September)
When are the matches played? »
Normally matches are played on Monday or Tuesday afternoons but any day of the clubs choosing is acceptable.
How many events do we play? »
Teams will play 4 events during the regular season, one home and three away matches.
When do the events have to be completed? »
All regular season events must be completed the end of July.
What if I don't have 8 players to play my event? »
Depending on the game format. In alternate ball format, the match is forfeited. In other formats, the match with the single player can choose to play against the opposing team pairing.
What is the recommended yardage? »
The yardage range is 6100-6300 yards for Seniors matches, and 5800-6000 yards for Super Senior matches.
Are Handicaps used? »
No. Events are played without handicaps.
Who advances to Playoffs? »
The two clubs with the highest points total after the 4 Divisional Events advance to the Regional Playoffs.
Can our team play a practice round before the event? »
Yes, your team can play a practice round as long as it is agreeable by the host club. Clubs will charge for practice rounds.
Who schedules the practice round? »
Arrangements for practice rounds should be scheduled by the Team Captain and made in advance with the host club and scheduled at a date, time, and price agreeable to the host club.
What arrangements do the Captains need to make for the event? »
Host team Captains arrange for the event to be played on their scheduled date (also have a rainout date available), arrange for tee times, carts and lunch. Collect Monies for event and submit (32 @ $15) $480 to the SRC Treasurer within 48 hours after the Match date.
What if an event is rained out? »
Notify the SRC. On the website we will reset the event and delete the rosters. The Host club can then resubmit the event date and the participating teams can resubmit the rosters.
By when do event details need to be posted? »
The Event date should be posted by January 31st, based on coordination with the 4 Captains within the Division. Event details (start time, lunch time if provided, additional notes) need to be posted on the SRC website one week before the event takes place.
By when do the match results have to be posted? »
Match results MUST be posted on the SRC website within 24 hours.
Who posts the match results? »
The Host team Captain should post all match results for their event.
What if the results were posted incorrectly? »
Contact the SRC with the correct results. We will make the corrections.
Can I become a member of the Board? »
Any person who is a member of a participating club can become a member of the board. Contact the President to express your interest.
Can I become a sponsor? »
If you are interested in becoming a sponsor contact one of the members of the executive.